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Get your home ready for summer

What I bought this week...

I often share the things i'm currently loving on Instagram and I thought I would start sharing more of 'what I bought this week' here too so that you have the links to shop direct. I always hate it when I see something I like and I can never find a link so hopefully this makes it easier!

1.My new favourite bag

As Spring arrives, I have been having a look online at summer clothes to refresh my wardrobe. When it comes to fashion I like to keep things simple and muted. So during the warmer months I wear a lot of white linen with hints of blue and tan accessories.

When I saw this bag in one of Zara's ads, I knew it was going to be my new summer bag!

Zara Canvas Bucket Bag

Zara Canvas Bucket Bag with Topstitching - £29.99

For just under £30 you get this beautiful bag plus two different crossbody straps (one faux tan leather and one canvas) and a tan purse.

2. My gardening must have

Yes, you read that correctly! I love spending time in the garden, growing my own flowers and vegetables but of course I have to do it in an aesthetic way!

I often pick up vintage terracotta pots for my indoor plants but I struggled to find matching trays. All I could find for a long time were new rich terracotta trays which didn't match. That was until I came across these perfect little rustic terracotta trays and now I use them for all of my indoor pots.

Amazon Aged Terracotta Trays

Amazon Aged Terracotta Trays - £7.40

I never used to like house plants but now I love to style them at The Barn in different areas like the seating area below. Depending on the season I will introduce seasonal flowers such as hyacinths and tulips.

Miller & Chalk founder sitting on the sofa with linen cushions and aged terracotta pots on the ottoman

3.My favourite kind of candle

If you follow me on Instagram you'll probably already know I love having a candle lit at The Barn. It makes a space feel so cosy, warm and welcoming. What I don't always like about some candles is the packaging. However at the moment i've got a candle from The White Company which fits in well with its clean and subtle design.

But i've recently found something really sweet which combines two of my favourites things. A candle... in a terracotta pot!

A small candle in a terracotta pot

Bagel & Griff Dalit Candle- £3.50

This tiny little candle is just perfect! I sometimes style it on a narrow shelf or alongside my terracotta pots on the ottoman at The Barn.

Let me know what you've got your eye on this week!

Louise x

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