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P R O D U C T  C A R E


All of our products have been handmade to the highest quality and we want your product to last as long as possible therefore we have provided you with our recommended product care instructions.

Our covers for our cushions, floor cushions and dog beds are removable and washable and we also provide spare covers so you can have a clean one whilst one is in the wash.

We recommend that our soft furnishings are to be ironed on medium heat. Some of our cushions may require a cotton cloth over the top to protect the embroidery and other embellishments. Do not bleach any of our products, this will draw out the colour and stain the products.

Wash on 30 degrees (especially our Hexham Recycled Wool Blankets!) so that the product doesn't shrink, dry flat.

Finally, do not tumble dry our products as this may shrink them due to the composition of the materials.

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