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Scatter cushion Styling

Our top tips on how to style your home with our handmade feather cushions...

When it comes to choosing feather scatter cushions for your home it can be seen as a hard decision. You'll need to consider what fabrics you would like, colours, textures, different sizes etc. Therefore we have put together a little guide to make it easier for you to choose the perfect feather cushions for your home.

Step 1: Colour Scheme

Its always best to start with the core colours in your interior. Pick out 2 or 3 colours in the space where the cushions will eventually sit, take into consideration the curtains/blinds, artwork and upholstery. This will quickly help you to put together a colour palette for your feather cushions.

If you are looking to create a neutral scheme then grey and natural cushions will work best but don't be afraid to use different shades of grey to create a depth rather than using a simple flat colour.

Neutral Grey Interior With Feather Scatter Cushions
Image from by

Or you may be looking to inject a small amount of colour therefore navy blue cushions are timeless and a classic colour to choose.

Navy Blue Interior Feather Scatter Cushions
Image from by

Step 2: Pattern or Plain

You can style your home in lots of different ways using feather cushions however one of the best ways is by experimenting with patterns, plains and textures.

If you're not one for bold colours and patterns then thats ok, you can still creature texture and depth by using subtle patterns. It's good to have a mixture when styling a sofa for example, mix up the cushions perhaps with a beautiful embroidered linen cushion, a simple grey stripe cushion or a classic herringbone cushion.

Step 3: Size

Are you used to having square cushions all in the same size? Try mixing up the sizes and shapes to create the most effective scatter cushion arrangement. Choose between creating a symmetrical look or a slightly more relaxed feel.

There are lots of different ways to do this and we have shown some examples below:

Now you've got all the tips on how to style your home with cushions, we can't wait to see your styling choices.

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Happy styling!

Louise x

M I L L E R & C H A L K

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