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Get The Look: An English Country Estate

The country style is an English classic, made famous by the Royal Family. With its elegant simplicity and timeless charm, it's no wonder a lot of people want to "get the look". The key is to find pieces that speak to your personality without becoming overly stuffy or formal.

This space may look familiar, especially if you love to spend a few hours here and there on Instagram. This beautiful space is the charming Back Bedroom at My Tiny Estate which provides the perfect backdrop for our Feather Cushions and Custom Window Seat.

As we pan around the room, Dean & Borja have used lots of different textures and tones to create a calming and relaxing space. They have beautifully dressed the bed with our Bramley Oversized Lumbar Cushion paired with a smaller Natural Linen Lumbar.

In this look, Dean & Borja have gone for a country style with an organic twist. The custom window seat in a natural cotton fabric with a very subtle herringbone pattern adds instant warmth and comfort to the room. Feather cushions give it that extra softness you want when you're lounging on your bed.

Feather cushions are a great way to add texture and depth to your home. The natural combination of wool and linen makes these cushions both comfortable and durable, while the big feathers make them look great on the sofa in an English country estate interior.

They're also perfect as a gift idea for someone who loves home accessories - they'll look great in their home, but they'll also keep you warm on cold winter nights!

If you’re looking for a rustic and organic home decor, then you should try out these handmade feather cushions in an English country style. These cushions will add a touch of nature into your home decor.



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