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3 ways to refresh your home through the use of feather cushions and decorative table linens...

We all get a little bored of our home interior from time to time, so now is the best time for a refresh before the warmer summer months. We have put together 3 easy ways to refresh your home this month.

If you are like me, my style tends to change every few years so i love switching things up and moving things around to create a new look. I don't through anything away, i keep pieces in storage (and forget about them!) and then when i revisit them a few months/years later i often reintroduce them into my home.

So here are a few tips on how to refresh your home and create a new look by moving things around and swapping out items that don't bring you joy.

Tip #1 - Stock up on cushions

Have you had the same cushions from when you first bought your sofa?

Changing your cushions is a really easy and effective way to change the look and feel of a room. If you want to introduce a new colour then starting with cushions is a great base. Opt for a neutral selection and introduce colour through the use of small lumbar cushions. Our Prestbury Weave Cushion is great for changing the look. It features a beautiful green textured weave on one side and a natural raw linen on the reverse side. This gives you two different options depending on the season.

Remember your garden also counts as a living space so introduce some cushions outside to make it a really comfy space during the summer months.

Don't throw any cushions away, keep them in storage so that you can mix them up throughout the year!

Tip #2 - Style your dining area

Your dining table can become a dumping ground when it's not in use. Add some interest to this space by styling it with a Linen Table Runner, terracotta pots filled with plants and beautiful individual place settings.

You don't have to have your whole dining table perfectly set up like it would be in a hotel. It's not practical for a busy home however you can effortlessly style it with just a few pieces.

Add some texture and greenery by taking some cuttings from your garden and simply place them in a vase or several smaller bud vases.

"The best rooms have something to say about the people who live in them." – David Hicks

Tip #3 - Create a cosy corner for your pets

Start by having a big deep clean of your boot room and move things around to create a slightly different look. Keep one corner free for the perfect space for your four legged friend to call home.

Recycle their old muddy bed and introduce a wicker pet basket that compliments your home interior. If you have a specific spot built into your boot room then opting for a rectangular wicker pet basket ensures a great fit.

If you have a smaller boot room then an oval wicker pet basket is a better option with its rounded corners.

Have you already started refreshing your home?

These 3 simple steps can really make a difference in refreshing your home and changing the look and feel. If you still feel like you want to do more but you're not sure where to begin, we offer a full interior design service as well as product sourcing and made to measure soft furnishings.


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